Informations about TagFlow management


My original files they are deleted when I add them to TagFlow ?

No, the files added to TagFlow are not deleted or modified. An option in the settings of the application will be added shortly to offer the ability for users who wish to move all the files managed by TagFlow in a common folder.

Where the files are stored ?

When you add files to TagFlow, a copy of the original files is created in a hidden folder at the root of the user's folder. The path to this folder is visible in the Preferences window of the application. It is advisable not to access or modify it under risk of corrupting the files managed by TagFlow.

Can I change the storage location of my files ?

No, this feature is not yet available, but its implementation will be investigated.

What about privacy ?

All your files remain local, no file (or metadata, or content) comes out of your computer unless you explicitly were sharing these documents. Some general data (such as the application version, the version of the bones in your computer, etc.) is collected anonymously for the beta needs. No data is transmitted to third parties or used for advertising purposes.

How to recover my files ?

A tool to recover (export) the files managed by TagFlow be available soon.

How to uninstall TagFlow ?

To delete all application data (files added, activity reports, etc.), go to the preference window of TagFlow and click the "reset all data" button. Please note that this action is irreversible ! Then simply move the application into the Trash (Mac) or uninstall the application from the Control Panel (Windows).

What will happen if the application disappears ?

The application code will be available as open source on github. A tool to recover files managed by TagFlow will also be available soon.

Other questions ? Do not hesitate to contact us !